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Baby Master Chef

Children with cake

Now you can make Pizzas, Donuts, BBQ, Cakes & much more delicious meals in our master chef playground. This game has been thoughtfully designed so children can play on their own for many hours, and create hundreds of different yummy food types!

You can choose from dozens of different ingredients to cook or bake the best meal ever!!

A kitchen is a fantastic place, especially for kids, a place to develop their imagination, creativity, and make some delicious meals just as adults do!!
With Baby Master Chef, every Kid/baby/toddler can unleash their cooking skills and become a master chef!!

How To Use:
Choose your favorite meals, add your ingredients, and make the best meal ever!!!

What’s inside:
✔ Baking Pizza
✔ Designing birthday cakes
✔ Making a BBQ party
✔ Decorating donuts
✔ Cooking a wok noddles
✔ And much more…

Other features:
> No Social Media links
> Parental gate for locked features
> We don't collect any Personal Data from our little users

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Shape Kingdom

Shapes Kingdom

Learning shapes, colors and sizes for kids and toddlers have never been this easy with Shape Kingdom. This free educational game for kids enables your kids to learn about basic shapes and improve their memory skills.
So, if you already have a toddler or kid and looking for an educational yet fun game to learn colors, geometric shapes, and sizes, download Shape Kingdom for free on your phone or tablet, and let the fun journey begins.

Shape Kingdom main features at a glance:
• Clean and neat design with a fresh and intuitive interface
• High-quality graphics with amazing sound effects
• Full verbal guidance
• Kid-friendly interface
• Super easy to learn
• Learn shapes (basic geometric shapes including triangle, circle, and square)
• Learn colors
• Learn sizes (Understand the differences between small and big shapes)
• Suitable for toddlers and kindergarten boys and girls (2 years old and above)
• Developed with educational psychologists
• Fun matching puzzles
• Free educational game for kids

Variety of shapes challenges for kids and toddlers
Shape Kingdom, the free educational game for kids comes with a super user-friendly interface and verbal guidance to make sure your kids can easily get used to the gameplay without being bored or tired, and the high-quality graphics make sure your kids will enjoy matching puzzles for hours without getting distracted.
Match shapes: In this puzzles, your kids need to find the same shapes and match them together. It helps them recognize different shapes faster and more accurately.
Match shapes with the same size: Let your kids learn about the differences between shapes of different sizes by matching the geometric shapes of the same size.
Match shapes with the same color: Looking for a way to teach your kids about colors? Well, have them solve the color puzzles and leave the rest to us.

Developed with educational psychologists for improving kids skills
The entire matching puzzles have been designed by professionals and educational psychologists to make sure it has the most effects on your children. The learning puzzles include both static and moving objects, which promotes a better development of kid’s coordination and fine motor skills.

Is this free educational game suitable for my kids?
Shape Kingdom is suitable for kids from 2 years and the wide range of available matching puzzles will help them learn about basic shapes, how to pronounce studied term correctly, how to distinguish sizes, and how to learn about colors.
Although the puzzles have been designed to maximize the educational effectiveness, they can also entertain your children for hours. The interface is kid-friendly and you don’t need to worry about any misuse by your kindergarten kids.

Try the best way to learn shapes, colors, and sizes
So, download Shape Kingdom, the free educational game for kids on your device and say hello to the most productive and efficient way to learn shapes, colors, and sizes.
Stay tuned and let us know about any bugs, questions, feature requests or any other suggestions.

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Puzzle Kingdom: Kids Puzzles

Welcome to Puzzle Kingdom, a creative and visually stunning puzzle game with smart puzzles for children of all ages. Our game is created to educate and teach any smart baby about the world around us. This smart kids game is an extraordinary children puzzle that covers a huge range of different topics. It’s designed to bring in many hours of fun and excitement as well as outstanding and fun opportunities you will enjoy.

• An intuitive, creative kids game
• Improving cognitive and motor skills
• Beautiful graphics
• Great music and attractive sound effects
• Suitable for kids up to 4 years old

Multiple levels to choose from Puzzle Kingdom offers a plethora of different levels for any child’s interest. There are animals, pirates, cars, musical instruments and many others. All of these add up to create an exciting, unique and fun game experience you will appreciate and enjoy all the time.
With Puzzle Kingdom every child gets to boost his imagination, all while accessing the benefits of logical thinking. Every puzzle is designed to spark creativity and bring in questions, allowing your child to learn and explore new things as he sees fit.
By playing Puzzle Kingdom, babies and children up to 4 years old will be able to move puzzle pieces on their own and figure out where they are located. All of this adds up to bring in front an exciting and resounding game experience that you do not want to miss.

Beautifully created puzzles
Each one of the puzzles in our game is handcrafted and it’s presented with outstanding visuals and sound effects. We ensure that every child will have a great time exploring the worlds and finding new ways to express himself and complete tasks. All of that adds up to provide you with a very good time, all while bringing in exciting and powerful moments for any child.
The best part is that all puzzles are fun with friends and family and they are a pleasure to play. The game focuses on helping babies and young children to expand their mind and push their boundaries. They get to do that naturally, and in a very enjoyable manner. All games are without any distractions, so your child can start enjoying every game and play for hours without any issues.
Thanks to Puzzle Kingdom, your child will learn how to match elements and items to the place they belong. This game is recommended by psychologists and parents alike. Don’t hesitate and try it out today!

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Match It Academy: Learn Shapes

It’s time for your kids to enjoy their childhood while learning about matching shapes, numbers, colors, shapes, fruits, and different environments around them. Match It Academy is an all-in-one educational game for kids and toddlers that include 15 educational activities and games for kids to develop their problem-solving skills, exercise their brain, distinguish shapes and of course have fun.

So, if you are looking for a fun and educational game for kids to improve their skills and abilities in recognizing the shapes, sizes, colors, download Match It Academy for free on your Mobile device and let your kids solve the shape puzzles one by one, and see how their distinguishing skills improve over the time.

15 different educational game for kids

Match It Academy comes with 15 different matching puzzles including learn numbers, learn sizes, learn colors, and learn how to distinguish shapes.

All the kids puzzles are kid-friendly, without any content to be worried about, and have been designed and developed professionally to make sure every aspect of a kid’s learning cycle is covered.

Distinguish shapes: Statistics shows that it takes longer for kids and toddlers to learn the exact properties of each shape and they need to be given lots of different practices with shapes to help them learn more about shape properties including size and color.

You also get to learn about geometric shapes and distinguish different geometric shapes and compare them in an entertaining puzzle. Learning about circle, rectangle, triangle and other types of such geometric shapes has never been this easy.

Learn numbers 123: There is a number learning puzzle for toddlers and kindergarten kids that help them get familiar with the shape of numbers separately and how to count from 0 to 9.

Learn colors: Do you know the importance of learning colors for your young children? It helps your kids to find it easier to describe the shapes and objects they see around themselves, sort objects based on their colors, and a lot more.

Learn animals: What does each animal eat? Where does each animal tend to live? It’s time to answer such questions to your kids and toddlers in a playful manner.

Learn more about seasons, underwater world, and outer space: Kids are naturally born to be curious about their environment and things they see around themselves. There are different kids puzzles that will help your kids know about the outer space, underwater world and even specifications of different seasons.

Match It Academy main features at a glance:
• Clean and neat design with a fresh and intuitive interface
• High-quality graphics with smooth animations
• Kid-friendly interface
• 15 different educational games for kids
• Learn numbers
• Learn colors
• Learn shapes
• Learn animals
• Useful for kindergarten kids and toddlers
• Free to use (You may need to upgrade for full access to all levels)

So, download Match It Academy, the free educational game for kids on your Mobile and let your kids have fun solving different puzzles and help them train their brain, develop their skills and abilities to distinguish shapes.

Stay tuned and let us know about any bugs, questions, feature requests or any other suggestions.

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